Building the fermentation box

Building the fermentation box

I’m not going to pretend I know what this box is for, how it works, or anything like that. But, we all have that friend that when they tell you that they ‘re working on doing something a little out of the ordinary and it’s going to be awesome, you usually just roll with it. So long story short we teamed up to build this fermentation box that I’m told can make delicious things like soy-sauce.

We started out and mocked it up in sketchup as a box inside a box inside a box. We picked 1/2 inch plywood for the outside, 1/2 inch insulation and then cedar siding for the inside. This is how it looked in Sketchup with the front door removed from view.

After getting a cutlist together, the build came together fairly quickly. We used pocket holes to put together the plywood outside first. Then we cut the insulation to size and put it all in place, followed by the cedar.

Once the inside was all together we went ahead and got the front door mounted along with drill-holes for cabling to run a humidifier and a heater (the box needs temperature control & humidity control).

After getting the outside completed, we added a couple of shelves to the box. These were spaced at ~ 10 inches apart to have enough room on bottom for the humidifier and heater, and on the middle shelf to have jars and other containers.

The final steps were to add a handle to the front, and a lock to the door and this project was a wrap. Here are some final shots of the finished box:

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