Can you siphon fuel from an F-150?

Can you siphon fuel from an F-150?

Reading around the internet I came across conflicting opinions on whether or not you can siphon gas from an F-150. I have a 2018 model and wanted to see if it was possible with some tubing and a siphon pump.

One of the main drivers for this is emergency preparedness. In the case of a power-outage, or otherwise where we would be stuck running a generator the truck has a huge reserve [23 gallons or 88 liters], so in a pinch it’d be nice to have access to it.

A huge drawback is of course that the truck typically sits with Regular fuel that has Ethanol in it, and so if we ever do resort to running this gas through the generator, we’ll need to be sure to run the tank empty afterward, put premium gas in, and then run it again for 5-10 minutes with the aim to eliminate any sitting ethanol contaminated fuel.

  • My pop’s advice is to plug something like a heater in to act as a load when running the generator dry. The expectation when doing this is for the power output to get choppy, but we should be able to get it close to dry.

This is a great video on why you should never let ethanol sit in your generator or other small engines (saws, generators, lawn-mowers, etc):

Materials you need:

What you can use to Siphon
Tubing (1/4 in)
Hose reducer
Tubing (1/2 in) pex from home depot
Hose clamps clamps from HD
Tubing (3/4 in)

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  1. Pretty helpful for emergencies!

  2. Also great when you run out of gas or money and want to borrow some from a neighbour without asking.

  3. Haha I was hoping not to have to put a disclaimer on that video……..

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