Table-Saw arrival

Table-Saw arrival

The eagle has landed.

I worked away on the unboxing over this past weekend…but the manual is really detailed and I didn’t really have any assembly issues worth writing about yet.

A couple of small things that might help someone else out buying/assembling this saw:

  • On one side, the wheel castors mounting bracket just seemed really far away from the leg it was supposed to bolt onto. I then noticed that the wheels on that side needed to be rotated around (1 side has more of an adjustment to it that lets the gap be addressed).
  • I also had some trouble with alignment of the leg-holes for the bolts that attach to the castors. However, if you just loosen the bolts holding the legs in place, you can tweak the holes for the castors and that fixes the issue really quickly.
How on earth do people move this thing
Cut it from its foam casket & slide it
The fun begins…
Coming along and getting worried about flipping it over

Pause for a few days after flipping it over because your back hurts

Doing what dads do
Fits in nicely!

I have only had the chance to run a few cuts so far, but it runs really well so far and the alignment is good. I set the saw up in the middle of the garage, and when it came time to move it into place — the castor wheel set made it so easy. This thing is a small tank — 200+ pounds, but the wheels on it let me move it around with one hand. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re looking for a mobile saw with a heavy duty table in Canada this one will be hard to beat. If you’re in the states, the only other recommendation I’d have would be to consider the Delta 36-725….but it doesn’t come with the Lifetime Service Agreement that Ridgid does.

If I have any issues that come up I’ll write about it, but my expectation is for this saw to run no problem.

One item to figure out now is what to do with my older smaller Craftsman saw — it’s nice and small so it doesn’t take up a ton of room. I’ve heard of some people converting an old table saw into a permanent Dado stack saw which seems like a decent idea.

What are your thoughts? Permanent dado saw….or Kijiji to invest in the next ultimate tool purchase?

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  1. I vote kijiji –
    Dado you would need to adjust all the time anyway for different widths?

  2. I think I’d setup to do something like notches in 3/4 inch plywood for shelves or something like that…so the idea would be that the width would be fixed most of the time

  3. What a beaut

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