Table-Saw dreaming

After months of research, a birthday gift from my wife & parents (HD gift card), and months of setting aside some cash…it’s getting really close to the day that a Ridgid R4520 lands inside the garage.

I think I’ve watched just about every video there is out on YouTube covering the saws Pros and Cons, and it covers almost everything that I want in a saw.

It’s got a nice cast-iron table, really sturdy base, and it’s mobile so I’ll be able to move it around in the garage. This is something I’m trying to incorporate into most of the large tools I buy since we still use the garage for a vehicle from time to time. I was very tempted by the R4514, however, these features made me decide on the R4520:

  • Belt driven
  • Sturdy fence (although some reviews say it’s finicky ; )
  • Cast iron table top
  • My budget

After getting the saw I plan on working on a ton of table-saw fixtures that help with accurate cuts, so that’s something to look forward to…and then there’s Caitlin’s coffee-table request which I need to get working on….!

Anyway, I’ll update this post later with my unboxing and assembly.

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  1. Today is the day!

  2. I’m looking forward to the review on the saw…I am also in desperate need of an upgrade!

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